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          Methyl ethyl carbonate(EMC)  
        Chinese name: Methyl ethyl carbonate(EMC)
        Brand No.:  
        CAS RN: 623-53-0
        Molecular formula: C4H8O3
        Molecular weight: 104.1
        Structural formula:  Methyl ethyl carbonate(EMC)
        Property: Colorless transparent liquid with well moisture absorption.
        Density: 1.00g/cm3(25°C)
        Boiling point: 109.2°C
        Melting point: -55°C
        Viscosity: 0.65mpa.s
        Closed cup flash point: 35.3°C
        Solubility: Insoluble in water; Dissolving in ethanol, ether, etc.
          It is aprotic, polarity and environmental protective organic solvent.
        Use: 1, It is mainly used to deploy lithium ionicity battery electrolyte.
          2, It can be used as solvent of special spice and intermediate.
        Packing: galvanized drum, net weight 200±0.5kg
        Storage condition: store in cool, lightless and dry warehouse.
        Quality standard


        Battery grade(E)

        High purity grade(H)

        Industrial grade(I)

        Purity(gas phase chromatography)




        Carbonic ester content(gas phase chromatography)




        Alcohol content(gas phase chromatography)




        Moisture(Karl·Fischer titration)




        Metal impurity content






        Notice: It is fully in accordance with ROHS standardúČand has passed SGS heavy metal content inspection.


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