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          Dimethyl Carbonate  
        Chinese name: Dimethyl Carbonate
        CAS: 616-38-6
        Molecular formula: C3H6O3
        Molecular weight: 90.1
        Structural formula:  Dimethyl Carbonate
        Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
        Use: 1. The product is widely used as a lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent
        2. Served as the special spices and intermediate solvent
        Quality index:


        Battery level(E)

        High purity level(H)

        Technical grade(I)

        Purity(Gas phase chromatography)

        ≥ 99.95%

        ≥ 99.90%

        ≥ 99.50%

        Carbonate(Gas phase chromatography)

        ≥ 99.99%

        ≥ 99.97%

        ≥ 99.95%

        Methanol(Gas phase chromatography)

        ≤ 100ppm

        ≤ 200ppm

        ≤ 500ppm

        Water(Karl . Fischer method)

        ≤ 20ppm

        ≤ 100ppm

        ≤ 200ppm

        Chromaticity(Platinum - Cobalt)

        ≤ 5APHA



        Gold mixed

        Note: According to customer requests

        Packing: Galvanized bucket, net weight is 200 ± 0.5 KG.
        Storage and transportation: Stored in a cool, dark, dry warehouse, sealed container

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