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      1. Anhui Best New Materials Co., Ltd.
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        Anhui Best New Materials Co., Ltd.
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        The company plans to invest 300 million yuan in 100 mu of land in the Chuzhou Dingyuan development zone (salt and chemical industrial park) in the first phase of a new 100,000-ton-per-year carbonate production plant, the second phase of the construction of new functional materials, the final building of the new energy industry supporting the new materials industry park.

        Anhui Best New Materials Co. , Ltd. was 2021 in the Dingyuan Development Zone (salt chemical industrial park) on November 18, march 30,2022 in Anhui Government Network completed the project filing. All the work is being accelerated step by step, strive to be completed and put into production as soon as possible, for the development of new energy industry brick and tile.
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